Why there are NO bad bucket lists…

BucketListSome weeks ago the travel blogger Dan from ‘This World Rocks’ posted an article about bucket lists, where he judges them pretty harshly and even strikes out at the people who put popular sights or activities on their travel schedule. And even though his post is quiet entertaining (it went viral for a reason) and some points might be true, one thing he said just made me so furious…!

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In his article Dan points out some places in the world (like Eiffel Tower, Chinese Wall, Angkor Wat,…) which are on many people’s bucket list, but in his opinion a total disappointment. He finds most of them overcrowded or not as beautiful looking as they are advertised. Fair enough – he is absolutely entitled to have and express this point of view. BUT his post has a further message which I absolutely contradict: it implies “Don’t travel to mainstream places” and “Don’t make bad bucket lists”…

Dear Dan, who are you to judge people and their dreams like that?!?

Bucket Lists – as for travel or other aims in life – are such a personal thing. Everyone has his/her own targets, aspirations and priorities. And although people these days tend to publish them publically via social media / blogs / etc., nobody is entitled to judge or even condemn them. Yes, you can give advice or – if somebody asks for it – you can also speak out frankly what you think about this and that. But you have no right to claim someone else’s travel plans as too mainstream or ‘predictable’. THERE ARE NO BAD BUCKET LISTS!

Should I delete Angkor Wat from my personal bucket list just because thousands of other people like to visit this historic temple complex as well? I definitely won’t. If I want to see this place but don’t like the masses I’ll maybe go at a time where most of the other visitors are still sleeping or don’t necessarily go to the place where the tourist busses stop… In most cases I’ll find a way. And if not – I’ll accept it and make the best out of it. Life isn’t always the perfect postcard picture. Isn’t that exactly what traveling constantly teaches you!?

Don’t get me wrong, I even agree with you in some points… It really sucks when you imagine for example a romantic kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower only to end up edging your way through the crowd – not really romantic. And disappointing. And when you further get hit by a selfie stick even painful. But still: if you go to famous places you have to expect that and above all deal with it. Otherwise: go to places you have never heard of before. Discover unrevealed locations. Make your way through the wildness. Go with locals to their homes. Chances are pretty high to have a once in a lifetime experience – mainly because you avoid the risk of unfulfilled expectations.

4 thoughts on “Why there are NO bad bucket lists…

  1. Sehe ich genauso.
    Im Endeffekt ist es doch egal, was andere für eine Bucket List haben.
    Die einen möchten unbedingt vom Flugzeug springen, die anderen mit Delphinen schwimmen…jeder hat seine eigene Vorstellung und das ist auch gut so. Ob die Liste mit extravaganten Aktivitäten gefüllt ist oder hauptsächlich aus Mainstream Attraktionen besteht, geht doch niemanden etwas an. Das Wichtigste ist, sich das zu erfüllen, was einem persönlich bedeutsam ist. Und wenn es ein Selfie mit dem Eiffelturm ist, dann ja verdammt, warum eigentlich nicht? : )


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