Bucket List

There is certainly a lot of truth in the saying by Saint Augustine of Hippo:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page…”



The world is actually not just a book – it’s a heavy tome in several editions. Sometimes more easy to read, sometimes it takes more effort to look through. But just when you know a large part of its content you grasp the big picture and the sense of the whole book.

That’s my motivation for traveling. Getting to know the numerous countries, cultures and people I haven’t seen or met. Gathering new musical impressions. Trying out new culinary delights. Understanding more languages. Sensing historiographically significant places. Finding new friends. Becoming richer – of experiences, insights, appreciation and knowledge. Having fun. Doing crazy things. Breakout. Arrive.

I know I’m privileged to have the opportunity to travel because I was born in a society that gives each individual the freedom to make their own choices and follow their dreams. Here, people who work mostly get remunerated fairly so you can survive and still persue your individual interests. We should be especially grateful because that’s not a matter of fact in other parts of the world – that’s one thing you realize while traveling.

I personally spend nearly all my self-earned money on traveling – and the more I do so, the more places come into my mind I still wanna see. Here’s my current but definitely uncompleted “bucket list”:

◊ Havanna (Cuba)
◊ Souks in Marrakesh (Marokko)
◊ Hot Springs + Reykjavik (Island)
◊ Rock-cut city Petra (Jordania)
◊ Tel Aviv (Israel)
◊ Budapest (Hungary)
◊ Taj Mahal (India)
◊ Machu Picchu (Peru)
◊ Carnival in Rio (Brasil)
◊ White Nights in St. Petersburg (Russia)
◊ Paris with a loved one (Frankreich)
◊ Capetown / Table Mountain (South Africa)
◊ Flow Festival (Finnland)
◊ Underground Cave Trampoline in Blaenau Ffestiniog (Wales)
◊ Santorini/Mykonos (Greece)
◊ Lake Como + Venice (Italy)
◊ Patagonia (Argentina)
◊ Castle Neuschwanstein (Germany)
◊ Northern Lights in Sweden

◊ Great Wall (China)

to be continued…

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