Traveling solo – yet not alone


On my recent trip to Bali I had a realisation. Not one of these groundbreaking, life-changing ones – but a quite interesting one for myself: I love traveling on my own, but I don’t like to be alone… and yes, that makes perfectly sense for me.

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First time on Bali – is it the paradise I imagined?


Bali was always in my head as the incarnation of paradise – so even before I moved to Melbourne for my semester abroad I knew I wanted to go there while I’m in the southern hemisphere. As soon as I knew the dates for mid-semester break from uni I booked a flight and started to be very exited. But my joy about the upcoming vacation was a bit dampened… suddenly a lot of people started to run down Bali as uber-touristy party place (especially popular with Aussies) and they kept on telling me that Bali is overrated, overcrowded and artificial – generally not as nice as other places in Indonsia or Southeast-Asia… Continue reading “First time on Bali – is it the paradise I imagined?”